Lay Formula

Profitable and successful punters who make a lucrative living from horse race gambling really exist. This small, elite group of professional gamblers have found the secret of how to make obscene amounts of money from horse laying. And now, so will you.

Jonathan Christie, an ex-construction worker who was completely broke and down on his luck 3 years ago, turned his life upside down by discovering an amazing secret about how to lay horses profitably. Like many of you, he had bought into many useless systems and inaccurate tipster services in the hopes of bettering his life. He also met with massive disappointment and faced an ever-shrinking bank account as a result of his naivety.

But one day, he finally figured out the one thing that was missing in all the systems. The one thing that could tie them all together and turn his acquired knowledge into a powerful cash generating system. Jonathan found a step-by-step strategy that he could apply to all of his lay bets and instantaneously start making money with. Since then, life for him has never been the same.

He never has to worry about not being able to pay the rent or his credit card bills anymore.

Today, Jonathan wants to share this incredible, life-changing secret with you. He has lovingly called it The Lay Formula. The Lay Formula is an extremely powerful and accurate method of predicting which horses are the best ones to lay. It is based on a very unique approach that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Unlike most of the useless systems out there, The Lay Formula has an average strike rate of 92% – with an unbelievable track record of 3 years to back it up.

Using the Lay Formula is simple and easy. You will never be asked to pay for a subscription service or buy any newspapers. Instead, all that you need to start using the Lay Formula is an internet connection, a Betfair account, the ability to bet live on UK horse races, and the ability to follow four straight-forward rules.

Some of the most recent testimonials from users that have tried the Lay Formula support Jonathans claim that his system work wonders. A 92% strike rate actually translates into 1,628 of profits from a starting bank of just 10. An investment of 30, on the other hand, would be turned into profits of 4,883.

In addition to showing you an accurate way of selecting the right horses to lay, the Lay Formula also comes with a staking plan that is designed to protect your money and minimise your losses. It has already been dubbed  the best laying system of 2008 by several horse race gambling experts.

If you want to become part of the exciting journey that the Lay Formula has charted for Jonathan and many other users in the last 3 years, then purchase the manual today. There is currently a special price of 59.97 on offer for the next few customers, but the price will go back up to 89.97 very soon. So dont wait too long.