Lay The Place

Laying horses is risky business, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is. That the majority of gamblers lose money is a well-known and accepted fact. But why are you willing to accept that fact? What if someone told you that there was a proven way to make profits and to win the majority of your bets? Would you simply laugh it off or would you consider the possibility of it becoming a reality? The latter one is the smarter answer.

I think you would agree that the best and fastest way to learn something is to learn it from an expert. Paul Fowlie has been making a full-time living as a professional gambler for 10 years. A few years ago, he decided to concentrate on horse laying. What he concluded after much experience with this type of betting was that the biggest problem arises when an unexpected horse wins. A relatively small amount of high priced winners can completely wipe out the profits of a laying system that has performed well for several months.

This prompted Mr. Fowlie to come up with a way to overcome this problem. And about 17 months ago, he finally did. He found a way that would allow him to make consistent profits week after week from laying horses. And this magnificent system goes by the name of The Lay Place.

The Lay Place relies on a very simple, yet genuine principle to make consistent profits from laying horses – not laying at high odds. Every bet that is executed using The Lay Place system never carries a risk that is higher than 2.8. In other words, if you bet a total of two bets worth £100 each, the most that you stand to lose is £180.

Mr. Fowlie backs up his system’s effectiveness with some astonishing results from the past four months. Out of 294 bets that were placed, 87 were losers and 207 were winners. This translates into a whooping 71% of winning bets. In addition, the average amount that a winning bet rakes in is £75. The ratio of losing bets to winning bets is 1 to 2.5. With such an incredible ratio, Mr. Fowlie is able to make consistent profits every month with The Lay Place. In fact, the system is so resilient that it would take double of the monthly losing bets to stop the system from making any profits.

Now, you’re probably thinking that such a powerful system must require you to use complicated math or statistics to achieve such fantastic results. Wrong. There is absolutely nothing complicated about the system. It all boils down to making selections from the newspaper in a matter of seconds. You do not have to study any forms, calculate any ratings, nor follow-up on any jockeys or trainers. You simply follow the steps that Mr. Fowlie has clearly outlined for you.

Since The Lay Place only costs £75, with the average performance of the system, it would only take approximately two days to recover the cost of your investment. And it is a ridiculously small investment for access to a valuable money-making system that has proved its effectiveness beyond any doubt.