Lay The Place

Laying horses is risky business, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is. That the majority of gamblers lose money is a well-known and accepted fact. But why are you willing to accept that fact? What if someone told you that there was a proven way to make profits and to win the majority of your bets? Would you simply laugh it off or would you consider the possibility of it becoming a reality? The latter one is the smarter answer.

I think you would agree that the best and fastest way to learn something is to learn it from an expert. Paul Fowlie has been making a full-time living as a professional gambler for 10 years. A few years ago, he decided to concentrate on horse laying. What he concluded after much experience with this type of betting was that the biggest problem arises when an unexpected horse wins. A relatively small amount of high priced winners can completely wipe out the profits of a laying system that has performed well for several months.

This prompted Mr. Fowlie to come up with a way to overcome this problem. And about 17 months ago, he finally did. He found a way that would allow him to make consistent profits week after week from laying horses. And this magnificent system goes by the name of The Lay Place.

The Lay Place relies on a very simple, yet genuine principle to make consistent profits from laying horses – not laying at high odds. Every bet that is executed using The Lay Place system never carries a risk that is higher than 2.8. In other words, if you bet a total of two bets worth £100 each, the most that you stand to lose is £180.

Mr. Fowlie backs up his system’s effectiveness with some astonishing results from the past four months. Out of 294 bets that were placed, 87 were losers and 207 were winners. This translates into a whooping 71% of winning bets. In addition, the average amount that a winning bet rakes in is £75. The ratio of losing bets to winning bets is 1 to 2.5. With such an incredible ratio, Mr. Fowlie is able to make consistent profits every month with The Lay Place. In fact, the system is so resilient that it would take double of the monthly losing bets to stop the system from making any profits.

Now, you’re probably thinking that such a powerful system must require you to use complicated math or statistics to achieve such fantastic results. Wrong. There is absolutely nothing complicated about the system. It all boils down to making selections from the newspaper in a matter of seconds. You do not have to study any forms, calculate any ratings, nor follow-up on any jockeys or trainers. You simply follow the steps that Mr. Fowlie has clearly outlined for you.

Since The Lay Place only costs £75, with the average performance of the system, it would only take approximately two days to recover the cost of your investment. And it is a ridiculously small investment for access to a valuable money-making system that has proved its effectiveness beyond any doubt.

Laying Impact System

The key to becoming wealthy is having access to privileged information. That principle applies to all areas of life, especially in the area of horse race betting. There are a small number of punters who are making thousands of dollars every day because they know things that other people don’t. Naturally, this small group of successful punters would do anything to make sure that you never find out the secret of how they make consistent, guaranteed profits from horse race betting.

Well, it’s too bad for them that Thomas Adams has decided to do something about it. He spent years studying the Betfair market and the secret strategies that the profitable punters were using to make obscene amounts of cash day in and day out. He’s also become quite an expert on all the useless systems, software programs, betting modules, signal generators, and seminars that are being sold to desperate punters who have nowhere to turn.

The thing about all these products is, they never really give you a comprehensive picture. They will lure you with one or two pieces of the puzzle and leave you to figure out the rest. Thomas’s Lay Betting System is different. This system doesn’t hold back anything. Instead, it provides you with simple, easy-to-implement strategies that will enable you to make some explosive profits from any type of race in any country in the world.

There are absolutely no complicated calculations involved. Everything that is outlined in The Lay Betting System is clearly explained and leaves no margin for error. You will gain access to some carefully explained horse selection rules that can be applied successfully for the rest of your life.

The Lay Betting System covers every possible angle of the horse race betting arena. Some of the major topics that you will find in the package include identifying the most profitable horses, betting without using your emotions, recognizing bets that have the highest chances of winning, identifying losing horses, minimizing your losses, and betting without stress. As you can see, the scope of topics that are covered are extremely wide-ranging – and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

You are not going to have to sit in front of the computer all day long either. The Lay Betting System will take you through a step-by-step process that will only require you to spend a few minutes before each race to place your bets. After that, you can sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

This is your big chance to change your life for the better and to stop losing your hard-earned cash in the races. If you are going to bet, then bet the right way with The Lay Betting System.

Lay Formula

Profitable and successful punters who make a lucrative living from horse race gambling really exist. This small, elite group of professional gamblers have found the secret of how to make obscene amounts of money from horse laying. And now, so will you.

Jonathan Christie, an ex-construction worker who was completely broke and down on his luck 3 years ago, turned his life upside down by discovering an amazing secret about how to lay horses profitably. Like many of you, he had bought into many useless systems and inaccurate tipster services in the hopes of bettering his life. He also met with massive disappointment and faced an ever-shrinking bank account as a result of his naivety.

But one day, he finally figured out the one thing that was missing in all the systems. The one thing that could tie them all together and turn his acquired knowledge into a powerful cash generating system. Jonathan found a step-by-step strategy that he could apply to all of his lay bets and instantaneously start making money with. Since then, life for him has never been the same.

He never has to worry about not being able to pay the rent or his credit card bills anymore.

Today, Jonathan wants to share this incredible, life-changing secret with you. He has lovingly called it The Lay Formula. The Lay Formula is an extremely powerful and accurate method of predicting which horses are the best ones to lay. It is based on a very unique approach that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Unlike most of the useless systems out there, The Lay Formula has an average strike rate of 92% – with an unbelievable track record of 3 years to back it up.

Using the Lay Formula is simple and easy. You will never be asked to pay for a subscription service or buy any newspapers. Instead, all that you need to start using the Lay Formula is an internet connection, a Betfair account, the ability to bet live on UK horse races, and the ability to follow four straight-forward rules.

Some of the most recent testimonials from users that have tried the Lay Formula support Jonathans claim that his system work wonders. A 92% strike rate actually translates into 1,628 of profits from a starting bank of just 10. An investment of 30, on the other hand, would be turned into profits of 4,883.

In addition to showing you an accurate way of selecting the right horses to lay, the Lay Formula also comes with a staking plan that is designed to protect your money and minimise your losses. It has already been dubbed  the best laying system of 2008 by several horse race gambling experts.

If you want to become part of the exciting journey that the Lay Formula has charted for Jonathan and many other users in the last 3 years, then purchase the manual today. There is currently a special price of 59.97 on offer for the next few customers, but the price will go back up to 89.97 very soon. So dont wait too long.

Cracking Betfair

Do you know why thousands of punters lose money and become emotional wrecks when they bet on Betfair and horse races? Because they buy into all the false information that the “experts” teach, but don’t have a clue about what these experts actually do.

If you want to make consistent profits from Betfair and horse race betting, you need to have an effective system that incorporates all the knowledge and strategies that the experts use. And that is exactly what Cracking Betfair is. It is a transparent, and easy-to-follow horse racing betting system that is especially designed to make you a guaranteed profit.

Unlike many of the other ineffective systems out there, Cracking Befair is actually a two-in-one system. It works for both laying and backing horses. Plus, you don’t even need any experience to start making money with the it. You will be taken by the hand and taught exactly how to transform yourself from a novice punter into a highly profitable one.

In no time at all, Cracking Betfair will arm you with the lethal knowledge that you need to identify the correct horse from the correct race to bet on. You will be able to pull in steady profits for the rest of your life. That is, without having to spend hours and hours in front of the computer everyday. Cracking Betfair only requires 20 minutes of your time each day!

The system is so effective because it is based on some very devious, secret information that is only known by a small group of elite punters. Additionally, it works like a machine and takes all the destructive emotion out of betting. We all know that reckless emotions and intuitive feelings are the death of a successful better. With Cracking Betfair, there will be no more guessing and no more random selection.

Cracking Betfair will also teach you about the importance of money and account management and provide you with a professional staking plan that will ensure you don’t lose all your money after your first bet. The system also allows you to start with a bank account of any size. This means, you can start with a bank of $50 and watch it grow beautifully.

Kevin Schmidt, expert punter and renegade teacher, who also happens to be the creator of the product, literally spent months and months of his life spying on successful punters and following their every move before he was able to come up with a system that worked flawlessly. So all the hard work has already been done for you.

The information contained within Cracking Betfair is so powerful that Mr. Schmidt is afraid he will be shut down by the experts who stand to lose a lot of money if the system gets adopted by too many people. So you need to act fast if you want privileged access. There is currently a super low price for the first 100 customers, but the price will be doubled after that quota is reached. You will also receive two bonus gifts, The Complete Betfair Trading Course and The Stake and Profit Calculator, when you purchase the system.

Ultra X Trader

Do you know why most betting software systems out there fail? It’s because their developers do not really understand the needs of their users. They add features to the software that sound good on paper but end up being completely useless in real life. The Ultra X Trader puts a stop to that.

The Ultra X Trader is a fully automated betting software that has been designed by people who actually bet on Betfair X Games themselves. So you can rest assured that all the features included in the system are truly useful and essential to successful trading.

The Ultra X Trader places bets and executes trades on Betfair X Games on your behalf 24 hours a day. It essentially frees you from having to sit in front of the computer all day long. Ultra X allows you to bet with 3 different modes. With the manual one click betting mode, you just click when you want to place a bet and Ultra X will inform you if any profitable trades are available.

You then click a second time to trade out. With the Auto mode, you also click when you want to make a bet, but this time, Ultra X trades out automatically for you. With the Full Auto mode, you can set up your own betting rules and instruct Ultra X when to make the bets and trades on your behalf. After this, Ultra X will continue to bet for you 24/7 until you decide to stop it or until one of your stop criteria is met.

The best feature of Ultra X, by far, is the set of tools that allow you to construct your own betting rules. But there are also a number of other features that make this software one of the best choices in the market today.

Ultra X’s staking plan feature allows you to get back your losses over any number of selections. The “Winstreak” feature allows you to instruct the software to bet only on hands that have already won a certain number of times. The “Continous Profit” feature enables you to set a lower stop profit figure to help you bank your profits more effectively.

A new simulation feature has just been added. Here, Ultra X takes historical game data and uses it to analyze the profitability of different scenarios. So if you have an idea for a trade that you’d like to test out, you can now do so without risking any real money.

Ultra X Trader is the perfect solution for those Betfair X Game enthusiasts who don’t have the time to stay in front of their computers all day long. After all, most of us do have day jobs that we need to attend to. By using this fabulous software to place bets and execute trades on your behalf, you can now make profits on autopilot. Many experts are calling the Ultra X Trader the “best X Games BOT on the market”. Don’t you think it’s time you find out why?