Ultra X Trader

Do you know why most betting software systems out there fail? It’s because their developers do not really understand the needs of their users. They add features to the software that sound good on paper but end up being completely useless in real life. The Ultra X Trader puts a stop to that.

The Ultra X Trader is a fully automated betting software that has been designed by people who actually bet on Betfair X Games themselves. So you can rest assured that all the features included in the system are truly useful and essential to successful trading.

The Ultra X Trader places bets and executes trades on Betfair X Games on your behalf 24 hours a day. It essentially frees you from having to sit in front of the computer all day long. Ultra X allows you to bet with 3 different modes. With the manual one click betting mode, you just click when you want to place a bet and Ultra X will inform you if any profitable trades are available.

You then click a second time to trade out. With the Auto mode, you also click when you want to make a bet, but this time, Ultra X trades out automatically for you. With the Full Auto mode, you can set up your own betting rules and instruct Ultra X when to make the bets and trades on your behalf. After this, Ultra X will continue to bet for you 24/7 until you decide to stop it or until one of your stop criteria is met.

The best feature of Ultra X, by far, is the set of tools that allow you to construct your own betting rules. But there are also a number of other features that make this software one of the best choices in the market today.

Ultra X’s staking plan feature allows you to get back your losses over any number of selections. The “Winstreak” feature allows you to instruct the software to bet only on hands that have already won a certain number of times. The “Continous Profit” feature enables you to set a lower stop profit figure to help you bank your profits more effectively.

A new simulation feature has just been added. Here, Ultra X takes historical game data and uses it to analyze the profitability of different scenarios. So if you have an idea for a trade that you’d like to test out, you can now do so without risking any real money.

Ultra X Trader is the perfect solution for those Betfair X Game enthusiasts who don’t have the time to stay in front of their computers all day long. After all, most of us do have day jobs that we need to attend to. By using this fabulous software to place bets and execute trades on your behalf, you can now make profits on autopilot. Many experts are calling the Ultra X Trader the “best X Games BOT on the market”. Don’t you think it’s time you find out why?

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